If you’ve got a product or service you want to sell, it can be useful to gather correct contacts to market them to. If you know what type of user you want to market to, the next step is sourcing contact details to reach out to them in hopes to further the process of engaging customers and resulting in a purchase. In this article, I’ll explain the Facebook Lead Generation campaign, and how you can use software such as Zapier to forward the lead contact details you’ve collected to an email, CRM, and almost any other app.

Facebook Lead Gen

If you need the contact details of users who aren’t yet your customer, you can create a campaign that’s designed perfectly for these through Facebook marketing. This campaign is called a ‘Lead Gen’, and can easily help you gather the details of users who are engaging and save you a lot of time.

Facebook Lead Gen campaigns work by prompting users with a call-to-action feature within your ad that requires the user to input some details. This call-to-action form is pre-populated with details they have previously given Facebook, which will then be shared with you. The user has the opportunity to edit these contact details accordingly, and you as the business owner has the opportunity to add additional fields called ‘Custom Questions’.

The timely issue with this campaign type is that when the user submits their details, Facebook will automatically save those details into the back end of your Facebook business account. This means you have to manually download them regularly.

Contact Details in a Zap

Thankfully, we use a software called Zapier. This software takes this information and not only sends the details to any desired email but can also be integrated with other apps. (Thank us later!)

One example we’ve experienced is, when generating leads for some of our clients, we use Zapier to directly send their sales team the contact details, plus have Zapier send the contact details to their CRM, MailChimp, and an online shared Google Sheet.

Get Zap-happy

If you’re a Lead Gen form veteran and very used to manually inputting bulk details of individuals into various platforms, you’re going to want to try out Zapier. It’s an incredible time saver and efficiently distributes important details amongst important platforms.

If you need the rundown on how to use the platform, as always, get in touch and I’d be happy to help. Otherwise, leave any questions or comments below.