Are your customers window shopping on Facebook and Instagram? Do you have a short sales cycle with plenty of impulse buying?

If that’s your e-commerce business, you’re looking for a team of social media e-commerce specialists that can get your customers out of your Facebook or Instagram shop window and into the store.

And you need a website that’s primed to get shopping carts filled and your checkout ringing.

Social media marketing is what we do, and we do it very well. Traffic in. Sales out.

“Over 10 years in ecommerce we’ve worked with social media agencies who over-promised and under-delivered. Then I met Perry and the team at Missing Link Social Media. They are a genuine asset to our business — sharp, responsive and full of new ideas. I have recommended them often.”

Stuart Cooke, Director, 180 Nutrition

Social media advertising strategy and conversion advice for ecommerce businesses

Once you plug the right social media marketing agency into your marketing strategy, you can count on a reliable flow of customers. If you want to take your sales to an even greater level, you want an agency that joins the dots between delivering leads to your website and creating paying customers.

We combine our expertise in delivering qualified traffic from social media with our ability to advise on optimising your website to turn your visitors into sales. Then we close the loop by tracking your sales back to the source. That way, we can optimise your social media campaigns to bring in even more high-potential customers.

Untangling Facebook’s red tape

It can feel like Facebook has a new policy (or two) every week for ecommerce advertisers on Facebook and Instagram. And every disapproved ad or violated policy wastes your time with delays that divert potential customers your competitors’ sales funnels.

Losing time and customers to red tape is something our clients worry about less because they have us to troubleshoot rejected ads and supposed policy breaches.

Reaching customers at the decisive moment

Facebook gives advertisers the option to create a product catalogue. Facebook’s product catalogue feature is the secret profit maximiser for many ecommerce businesses. The product catalogue unlocks your ability to create high-converting dynamic ads — ads for the exact products the prospect left in their shopping cart.

Dynamic ads greatly increase your chances of catching your customer at the decisive moment so you definitely want to be able to create them.

However, product catalogues can be tricky to set up — even if you invest in a name-brand ecommerce platform. That’s why we’ve developed the specialist skills to set up product catalogues so our clients are right there when their customers are ready to make their final buying decision.

Turn on the social media customer tap with targeted ecommerce marketing

Grow your online store with social media traffic you can count on to buy. Talk to us today about opening the tap fully.

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