Stop boosting posts, start getting qualified traffic.

Facebook makes it effortless for businesses to boost a post on Facebook or Instagram. Then Facebook reminds you endlessly how simple they’ve made it to give them your money, and there’s every chance you haven’t set yourself up for the best return on your investment.


It’s also easy money for a bad social media advertising agency to pocket a “management” fee for throwing a few switches in your Ads Manager account and simply boosting posts. That’s not us, that’s not what we believe in, read on to learn what makes for a good social media advertising agency.


“Missing Link helped me develop a social media advertising strategy that saw a 600% increase in net profits with very limited advertising dollars. I am so thankful for their service and couldn’t recommend them highly enough!”

Sturt Hinton, Frequency H20

Making Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn work to earn your ad spend

Your ad budget is your money, and Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn should work hard to earn it. With the right social media advertising agency and strategy, your services will be where they should be – top of mind with your audience.

You can be the business floating by on a river of qualified traffic while others scratch their heads and boost another post.

Social media advertising research

The greatest ad for your services will sink if it’s shown to the wrong people. That’s why we invest heavily in asking the right questions up front.

  1. We work with you to understand who benefits from your services — what do they look like, what do they know, what do they need to know, how do they spend their time…
  2. We use that information to look around every corner to see where that audience is to be found on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn

You won’t believe the unexpected places we can find the audience for your services, and how we draw them into your universe by matching the message to the place.

Social media advertising strategy for service businesses

We’ll combine your business and marketing strategy with our audience research to map the path your audience will follow into (and through) your sales pipeline.

That path will be mapped in a social media advertising strategy for your services that includes plans for specific campaigns.

  • We’ll talk about conversion assets like images, videos and text
  • We’ll talk about appearing in front of your audience for the first time
  • We’ll talk about staying in front of those people, encouraging the kind of familiarity that shows up in the profit column
  • Most importantly, we will talk about how and where to convert your social media to hard sales with a positive return on your investment

Interpreting your social media advertising data

Your investment in social media guarantees data that marketers could only dream about not long ago.

When you know how to read that data, you can cut your cost of acquisition and even unlock ideas for new services.

The secret is concentrating on high-quality traffic because that’s the traffic that becomes “cheap” when you have the right social media advertising agency to turn it into sales.

Do you know:

  • Which website metric correlates best with future sales of your services?
  • How your “high-converting” campaigns could actually be costing you conversions
Holding your social media advertising agency to account

When you’re grounded in the data, you can hold to account every step in your marketing and sales process.

Analysing the data

When you have a social media advertising agency that has the time and expertise to listen to the numbers, you can maximise your return on the data that comes with your investment in social media advertising.

Targeted change

Analysed carefully, the data will always tell you whether an approach is working and what needs refinement or change.

Single point of contact, many experts

Your account manager is your streamlined contact with our graphic designer, strategists, advertising specialists and CRM team. We can also be your single point of contact with specialists who will get you results — videographers, photographers, web designers, Google advertisers and SEO experts.

Not learning, doing

Every day, we’re doing the calculations on campaigns that are working – campaigns in dozens of different service industries. Your investment in us is not an investment in someone learning on your dollar. We arrive with our sleeves rolled up, ready to start.

A Social Media Advertising Agency you can trust

We’re confident you’ll stay with us because of the results we achieve in advertising your services. That’s why:

  • We don’t lock you in with an onerous contract
  • We don’t lock you in by building your campaigns in our Ads Manager account

Everything we build is yours, so you can put yourself in the driving seat any time you want to take over.

Are you ready to make your social media advertising agency work for you?

If you sell services and you’re ready to make your social media earn you a true ROI, let’s talk.

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