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With $168m spent on social media advertising over 10 years, we’re specialists in helping clients master Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to attract attention, earn engagement and make sales.


Sales leads at $13.90 each

Mageta Shores Golf Club


Increase in revenue



Sales leads at $22.76 each

Caddy Storage

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Social Media Advertising for Service Businesses

You’ll win clients from social media when you create clickable creative and put it in front of the right people. Our creativity, advertising strategy, focus and consistency keep leads flowing.

eCommerce Social Media Advertising

Facebook and Instagram have visible and hidden levers to grow ecommerce sales. We know how to navigate the policies and pull the right levers to fill your store.

Social Media Strategy

Your success in turning Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn into consistent sources of new business starts with a smart strategy.

Social Media Content

Your audience expects you to make a quality contribution on social media. With our copywriting, graphic design and video skills paired with a smart content strategy, you’ll be welcome in any feed.

Lead nurturing

Leads are the fuel that grows businesses, but not every lead is ready to buy yet. With expert nurturing, you can turn those researchers into customers.

End-to-end service

Put your lead generation and sales processes on rails with our end-to-end service — we’ll run the campaigns to bring in the leads and nurture them with the automations that turn your marketing investments into sales.

“Over the 4 months of Facebook and Instagram ads, we have received an average of 5 leads per day at less than $11 per lead.”

Steve Upcroft, Director - Caddy Storage

“The number of enquiries coming from Missing Link’s campaigns and advertising was so high that we actually needed to hire a Sales Manager. As a result, our memberships have now doubled.”

Rob Hurley, General Manager - Magenta Shores Golf and Country Club

“We’ve had 154% increase in visitors to the site and 107% increase in revenue as well.”

Lucy Macdougald, Biology

“We now receive an additional 5+ hard leads a week on our high-value products plus huge brand recognition from impressions.”

Peta Mayne, SP Screens

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We’re a seven-person social media marketing and advertising agency using data and strategy to turn your dollars into profits. If you’re looking for social media experts who will tirelessly improve your campaigns to grow your business, we’re looking forward to your call or your email…

Awards & Certifications