Have you ever waved at a waiter who looked through you?

Being overlooked when you want to buy something might be frustrating for you, but it’s a silent killer for the restaurant owner. Your money was as good as in the owner’s cash register.

If a business can miss prospects waving their hands right in front of them, imagine how easy it is to miss an eager prospect when they’re just a name on a database of leads.

“Missing Link has done a great job at drawing people to our website and converting them into paying clients. They accurately addressed our target demographic to get the right clients. I highly recommend them!”

Tomas Hall, Terrigal Beach Dental + Implant Centre

A sealed pipeline: from attention to engagement to sales

Our lead-nurturing service connects the dots between your marketing and your sales. The moment a prospect enters your pipeline, they get five-star attention. And the beauty of automation is that an always-on service takes less time to deliver than you’re spending now — even though you’ll be handling more leads.

Our end-to-end service — lead generation to sales — evolved from watching our clients racing to scale their sales processes to catch up with the volume of leads we were delivering. While our clients scrambled to build watertight systems, valuable leads spilled away.

So, we stepped in to build pipelines so your leads don’t slip away. Your leads are guided from the moment we first grab their attention to eventual sales. Along the way, we filter out low-value leads without leaving gaps for the high-value leads to slip through.

Whether your leads are coming from social media or your other marketing efforts, we have proven systems for every step in the process of transforming an audience into a customer base.

How we do it

Running your sales process on wheels

Turning passive prospects into active leads

Our content-marketing service is about exciting your prospects to swap their email addresses for your content. Earning email addresses in exchange for valuable content means you know who you’re talking to, what they want and how to reach them.

Save money on ads

Now, you have a list of named prospects, and you can reach them by email any time you want to for free — you don’t need to buy ads to reach people you already know.

Save time

We’ll supercharge your sales process with automation — reaching your prospect list with the answers to their questions, sometimes even before they’ve thought of what they should ask. You’re not “selling”; you’re advising at the right time with the right helpful content.

You’ll shorten your sales cycle with right-place-right-time interaction. Also, you won’t waste time having conversations with people who aren’t ready.

Effortless warming

Leads from cold traffic are the fuel that keeps a business growing. However, manually nurturing cold traffic burns resources. You can’t phone every one of a thousand people who download an ebook. However, ignoring cold traffic loses those future prospects.

We’ll set your automation to warm-up prospects (and sift out poor quality prospects), saving your team until the temperature is right.

Shut out the competition

Most of your prospects are still researching; they’re not quite ready to buy. However, when you help them to gather information, they have less need to be looking at your competitors. This way, you can be making sales before your competition even knows a prospect is in the market.

Lighting up the dashboard

We’ll integrate your social media with your prospect list and your website. Your new dashboard will encompass “lead scoring” — tripwires that alert your sales team to target an offer with precision or even to pick up the phone at just the right moment.

Continuous improvements

Everything we do is disciplined by data. We know all about creating exponential change through tweaks at every stage of a process. With our eyes on the data in and out at every stage, you’ll see frictionless growth through the continuous accumulation of minor improvements.

Closing the improvement loop on your social media advertising

You can optimise your social media advertising to gather more leads, but few social media advertising agencies have 360-degree visibility of your sales cycle. With our end-to-end service, we know exactly who converts and precisely how they entered your sales pipeline. Using this information, we can optimise your social media advertising to bring in more of the leads most likely to buy.

Are you ready to guide your leads from first contact to closed business?

If you’re ready to turn your lead generation into a sales engine, let’s talk.

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