Done right, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn will generate significant leads.

However, that might create a problem for you. When your lead-generation system is pumping, will you flood your existing systems for managing, nurturing and converting leads?

Might leads flow through the cracks in a system that’s adhoc or built for lower volumes? These lost leads are expensive. First, you paid for those leads with your time, your advertising dollars or both. Second, lost leads are likely to become the customers of competitors with tighter systems.

“Your systems find me new customers, build loyalty and increase income.”

Adrian Date, Vital First Aid
Closing the loop

Our end-to-end service connects social media to sales.


We workshop how to turn your business and marketing strategies into Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn campaigns

Prospects identify themselves

Your campaigns get you noticed. Prospects identify themselves by clicking through to your website, signing up for information or making contact immediately.

You go deeper with the unidentified prospects

Even the customers who don’t give you their name are tagged when they engage with your ad, watch your video or visit your website. You might not know them by name yet. However, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can reach them. Using retargeting ads, you can walk these prospects down the funnel, giving information and making relevant offers.

Warming identified prospects

The customers who do give you their details are added to ActiveCampaign, a powerful, flexible and cost-effective customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

We’ll send out email sequences that guide your prospects along your funnel until they’re ready to buy. We can even trigger emails to go to customers after they visit your website, following up their visit with relevant information or the offer that tips them from researcher to buyer.

Finally, using the advanced features of ActiveCampaign, we’ll track each lead and create a dashboard that alerts you to contact a particular customer — by email, with an offer or even by phone, depending on the value of the lead and your sales process.

Giving your prospects attentive service.

Expertly done, lead nurturing — using emails and periodic contact to warm a prospect — doesn’t look “salesy”; it looks like great service from someone who cares.

You’re not “selling”, you’re the waiter who appears when their glass is empty and anticipates that they might like another.

A virtuous cycle of feedback

Because we’re working with you on end-to-end sales and marketing, we can track:

  1. What happens to your leads after they come in from our social media advertising campaigns
  2. How your funnels are working with leads who come in through other routes

We’ll take all of that information and use it to continuously improve your campaigns.

The better we know the people who buy and the routes they take along that process, the more of them we can find and the easier we can make the routes.

Are you looking for a system that delivers leads and converts them?

If you’re looking to turn on a tap of new leads and convert them into sales, then our end-to-end service is for you. Let’s talk about how we can structure campaigns to bring in qualified traffic, and then automate your sales process to convert those leads into bottom-line numbers.

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