The boss thinks it’s easy to put out killer content for social media advertising.

All you need is a brand-compliant image that packs enough heat to freeze a thumb in mid scroll. Then you just need to write the words that persuade that hovering thumb to lock steady until you convince it to abandon the scroll and click on your pitch-perfect call to action.

Oh, and you’ve got maybe a second and a half to do all that.


“I have worked with Missing Link over the last few years and am always incredibly happy with their level of service and the results they produce. Highly recommended if you’re after an experienced social media agency to grow your business.”

Andrew Larter, TrackMyCalls

The secret of the social media professional

Here’s a secret every boss should know… Not even full-time social media professionals like us expect a single person to design the show-stopping images and write the words that will make action irresistible. People study a lifetime in each of those disciplines. Throw in video, and you’re into an entirely new dimension…

Your social media content team

When you’re with Missing Link Social Media, you’ll have our copywriting and our graphic design experts coming together to deliver the whole package. We can bring in video expertise, too. Plus, your account manager is there to make sure the whole process is engineered to deliver on the advertising tactics laid out by our strategists.

With Missing Link Social Media, you’re no longer on your own. No more trying to produce every element yourself. You’re leveraging a team so that your social media advertising is transformed from a list of impossible tasks to a reliable source of leads.

Respecting the brand

In social media advertising, consistency wins. Showing up leads to recognition; recognition turns into familiarity, and familiarity leads to the confidence to buy from you. As marketing professionals, we respect the power of likeable, familiar brands to reach customers. That’s why we’ll produce a template that you can follow to produce testable brand-compliant content rapidly.

Social media advertising

You might want to run campaigns to introduce your brand to a new audience or to keep your brand front of mind. You might want to keep your community engaged or you might want to run campaigns to promote a specific offer. We know how to optimise social media for different types of campaign, and we can help you craft campaigns for both scenarios.

Whatever your campaign goal, we bring strategies and tactics you can leverage to leapfrog the competition. We have the statistical skills to light up your strategy — doing the maths on campaign elements like audience choice and split-testing steps in your funnel. Those are insights you can use to refine and optimise your social media advertising until you’re able to outspend the competition, increasing the clear water between you and second place.

Organic content

Your social media audience demands fresh content and we deliver with professionally produced posts designed and promoted two or three times a week. These aren’t posts thrown up for the sake of posting — we post to a strategy engineered to produce a result.

We’ll define content pillars like brand awareness, engagement and product awareness. Then we’ll work with you to develop content topics that deliver in each of those areas.

You’ll have the graphics, the words and calendar together with all the hashtags that will get your content amplified on the social networks. And you’ll have someone managing those timings and approvals, bringing in more targeted results. All saving you hours of trial, error and admin.

Experts at every step

Whether you need help with copy, graphic design or video for your social media advertising or your organic content, we’re here. Drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll discuss how we can take the work off your plate and start delivering results.

Awards & Certifications

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