The Journey from 500 to 930 Members with Missing Link


The Brief

Magenta Shores Golf and Country Club (MSGCC) reached out to Missing Link Social Media for support in overcoming the declining growth of their industry.

General Manager, Rob Hurley, explained during the initial Business Discovery Session that the Club wasn’t seeing the level of enquiry needed and believed that a fresh and creative approach was required to build awareness of their membership features, benefits and unique selling point to increase sales.

One key challenge identified early was the delicate nature of urgency and scarcity messaging for their brand. MSGCC is the Central Coast’s premier Golf Club and exclusivity is a key attraction for new members, as much as retaining existing ones.

Another challenge was overcoming previous perceptions of the course being “too difficult and frustrating”. Several changes had been made to the course since it launched to make it more enjoyable, yet this original negative perception remained.

The Approach

Being a premium and high-quality course, most local competitors had a lower price point. We needed to ensure the perceived value was high by articulating relevant features, benefits and outcomes to audiences as they moved through the Buyer Journey.

After the MSGCC team completed our Clarity Questionnaire, the features and benefits were front and centre of our Strategy Workshop as we articulated their value for each of our target audience segments.

Knowing that our target audience preferred Facebook and Instagram as their social media platforms of choice, we proceeded with a Campaign Funnel Strategy that summarised:

  1. Each funnel stage’s campaign objectives
  2. Audience targeting criteria
  3. Key messaging we’d use to move people through the Buyer Journey

For example, during the Strategy Workshop, we workshopped common objections on why a prospective member might not sign up. At the bottom of our funnel, while retargeting website traffic with ads, we addressed each objection in our messaging.

The Result

Within days of launching the campaigns, the results were already exceeding expectations. The time invested into the research, workshop, and strategy led to engaging ads with relevant messaging that spoke to an audience contextually at each funnel stage.

The low cost per lead and high lead quality from our marketing machine was the catalyst for membership growth, to the point that MSGCC needed to restructure its sales team and hire an additional salesman.

After 11 months of advertising, our services were put on hold as the Club exceeded membership growth targets and their team reached its capacity of contacting and nurturing leads.

Having worked with MSGCC for over 3 years, our team continues to evolve campaigns, develop new offers, and find new audiences, so we can continue to manage this tap of low-cost and high-quality leads for their sales team.

Want leads for your Golf Club? Please don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact page, give us a call on 1300 031 686 or book a time with Perry here.

James Cant
Perry and the team are awesome! They’ve done a fantastic job with profitably scaling our ads up to $80k per month in spend
Jason Campbell
Perry and his team completely opened my eyes (and those of my colleagues!) to the potential of reaching new audiences. They took us on a journey of discovery, showing us how to leverage social media to connect with the perfect customers for our products and services. I know there are countless businesses out there like ours – companies doing fantastic things but hesitant to dive into social media marketing. The fear of wasted investment is real, but Perry's team addressed those concerns head-on. They showed us clear strategies for maximizing ROI and measuring success.
Teneke Ranson
Missing link have been exceptionally helpful for our business and are always professional with an approachable friendly team that are passionate about what they do. No hesitation to give 5 stars.
Jeremy Jones
Yes, they're worth it. I've got a background in ecommerce and have always run my own social ads but when I launched my most recent business last year it grew faster than I could manage on my own. I reached out to several marketing agencies and after meeting with many (and trying out one other one) it seemed clear that Missing Link was the one for us. They truly care, are highly responsive, and spend copious amounts of time trying to understand every inch of my business so that they can get the best outcomes for me. They worked out my expectations and haven't stopped striving to meet and exceed them. We were unsure how our usual peak season would go with the rising cost of living as many consider our products a "nice to have" and not a "must have" but they exceeded our ROAS targets and outperformed the same period YoY (yes, even including their fees). Their knowledge of the industry is immense and they treat our business as if it's their own. Highly recommended. Thank you Missing Link!
Irwin Hau
We recently had the opportunity to work with the Missing Link Social Media team on a social media strategy we had in mind for our company, and the experience was nothing short of enlightening. Their expertise not only brought clarity to our vision but also transformed the way we approach social media. Their frameworks were easy to understand and made a lot of sense. The team has a knack for translating complex concepts into actionable insights, and that's something we've seen benefit not just us, but many of our clients as well. They have helped us elevate our clients' success, making us look like superstars in the process. I special thanks to Perry Henderson, who has been a guiding light throughout our journey. You're a true champion and social media guru my friend! His personal touch, commitment to understanding our needs, and constant support have made working with Missing Link a truly exceptional experience. If you're seeking a partner who can bring clarity to your social vision, you're definitely in the right place.
Bec Jerdan
I have worked with Perry & the team since 2018, on multiple client accounts. They deliver above and beyond with both results and service month on month. I HIGHLY recommend the team to help with your social media advertising needs.
Leanne Rehua
I called Missing Link on a whim seeking some important information about social media marketing. He was on vacation, however was more than happy to run through everything that I needed to do to get on track. Perry was clearly an expert in the industry but also a genuine down to earth human that was helpful and supportive. I highly recommend reaching out to Perry from Missing Link for any social media marketing concerns.
Rob Fish
Perry at Missing Link came highly recommended. Fair to say, I was anxious that the last client he may need was a 50-year-old with no social media experience. Perry's help was invaluable in developing and implementing an effective and targeted social media strategy that has already delivered quality new clients. I have also received content and LinkedIn training from Perry. I now confidently produce the video content I need, and the LinkedIn training has allowed me to develop a targeted network in a short period. The most valuable aspect for me is that the training has imparted the skills to build on my social media campaign. I enjoyed the whole process and can't recommend it enough. Thanks, Perry and team.
Belinda Brown
I can’t say enough good things about Perry at Missing Link Social Media! I had made a mess of my social media accounts and had no clue how to fix them, I called Perry and the issue was sorted in under and hour over Zoom. He took the time to walk us through the simple mistake we had made and couldn’t have been more helpful. If I could give give 10* I would.
bird & hill.
Our first session with Perry was an eye opener, I had no idea about all the tricks and hacks you can use to target the exact customers we were looking for. I will definitely be back for another lesson coming into the new year. Thanks Missing Link and my main man Perry. We are very happy customers - J & S