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The Brief

For over 35 years, Caddy Storage has proudly designed, engineered and manufactured high-quality products here in Australia.

Despite the solid word of mouth, the owners knew there was potential for greater market awareness and increased leads.

Caddy Storage had tried digital marketing in-house with a digital marketing manager, however, this didn’t work out. Caddy then engaged a digital marketing agency, but things didn’t work out there either.

With a staff member recommending Missing Link Social Media, the owners were willing to give a specialist Social Media Marketing Agency a try.

The Approach

With a new product launch in the pipeline, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to lead the strategy on an engaging video that demonstrates how awesome this product really was!

The video was executed as a single long-form production, also cut down into smaller 15-second bites for specific social media placements, such as Instagram Stories.

As standard practice, our team implemented the first four items in our Checklist, and within hours of activating the campaign, the leads came flowing in.

The Results

Over the last two years, our team has tripled the national revenue generated from online enquiries.

But rather than blowing our own horn, we thought we’d leave it to review posted by Co-Owner, Steve Upcroft, on Google.

“Missing Link Social Media have been managing our social media ads for about 4 months now. Within the first month of launching, we were blown away by the steady flow of sales leads they were able to produce for our high-ticket products, which average between $2.5k and $8k.

Missing Link Social Media also worked closely with us to track and measure the quality of these sales leads and tie them back to those audiences that were generating the most qualified leads, so they could optimise the campaigns for quality leads.

In addition, Missing Link Social Media also engaged their video production partner and worked alongside them to produce a high-quality video for our most recent product launch, the Caddy Sports Utility Bed. This saw our Facebook & Instagram’s average cost per website visit drop from $1.20 to just $0.21.

Over the 4 months of Facebook and Instagram ads, we have received an average of 5 leads per day at less than $11 per lead, with each lead submitting a comprehensive list of 14 fields, including contact details, vehicle information, products of interest and how soon they are ready to purchase.

Beyond this, Missing Link Social Media has also sent 9,500 people to our website, had 170,000 people watch our video and reached more than 400,000 people an average of 3.5 times each, which has been huge for increasing our brand awareness.

My business partner and I are very happy with the financial return on investment so far, as well as the level of professionalism that the team possesses.

We’d highly recommend working together with Missing Link Social Media and are excited about our future working together with them.”

Steve Upcroft, Co-Owner – Caddy Storage.

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