Recently I sat down with Financial Planner and Director of BHB Accountants, Ryan Bultitude.

We discussed how his routine, perspective, and daily habits have led to success for himself and his clients, and what advice he has to offer. Ryan says the biggest thing in business is your mindset. Mindset is everything and there are definitive steps you can take to get you in the right headspace or mindset to tackle the challenges of business.

Get out of your comfort zone

“It’s good to feel uncomfortable in business,” Ryan explains “Business is uncomfortable. There’s a lot of risk attached to it.” To help with this, Ryan pushes his own boundaries and gets out of his comfort zone both personally and professionally. When doing this, Ryan says “you learn a lot about yourself. You learn that you can achieve some pretty great things.”

To start achieving your goals,  you may need to push yourself out of your comfort zone and change old habits that are holding you back. Get uncomfortable and create new habits for yourself. This will allow you to be more productive Ryan states, and “put yourself in the best position to succeed.”

Talk to people who give you perspective

Find mentors or people around you to talk to, who have life or business experience and who have created good habits for themselves.  This helps shape your mindset, Ryan suggests, and can “give you more perspective on life”. When you have a broader perspective, he explains, it’s easier not to let the challenges and hurdles of business get you down. This can “put you back on that right line to success again”. Hanging around the right people will help you have the right perspective and the right mindset.

Don’t fixate on the short-term

“Focus on a five-year timeframe or a ten-year timeframe” is Ryan’s recommendation. This can help you avoid being overwhelmed by the challenges and setbacks you may be experiencing now. Ryan explains that changing your focus to the long-term will help you know that you’ve got a lot of time to change where you’re at. There are a lot of new habits that you can create over the long-term which will change the game. All it takes is creating and changing those little habits and then building on them to create huge results in the future. “You can’t change your business from stagnant to extremely successful in a couple of weeks,” Ryan explains “But you can over a longer-term.” “If you know that you want to succeed, all you’ve got to do is put the steps in place to… get to where you want.”