One of the questions I often get asked is “How can we justify paying for a Social Media Agency?

It’s a lot cheaper to have someone doing social internally so why bother?”

I actually think the answer is pretty simple and so I ask a question in return: “Is what you’re doing working?”. The answer is almost always “no”, and it’s usually not working in one of two ways.

The first is that many marketers are not aware of how to segment and reach their audiences through social media advertising based on their customer journey.

The second is a lack of clarity or insight into what is and isn’t working.

Segmenting and reaching your audience

I recently met with a company that had a Facebook Pixel installed on their website for two years. For two whole years, they’ve been building an audience of people they know have visited their website, yet they haven’t been retargeting them.

They also weren’t targeting what I refer to as a warm audience. This is an audience of people who we know have engaged with the page or content in some way. This audience includes people who have watched a video on Facebook or Instagram. Or they have been following their page, or liking or commenting on posts. This audience can be targeted and nurtured for up to 365 days via Facebook and Instagram.

The two audience segments mentioned above represented a huge opportunity for this potential client and were a large part of the discussion as to why you’d hire a specialist to handle Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Clarity and Comprehensive Data

The reality is, you can get complete clarity on how much revenue social media advertising is generating for your business. Why would you use an agency? It’s more than just getting your time back, it’s actually having data to show what’s working. And just as importantly, having a strategy that is evolving to build on the results and be absolutely confident that what’s being done is working.

It excites me when I can step into a business like the one I’ve talked about today and see so much opportunity. They have a website retargeting audience that hasn’t been touched and a year’s worth of a warm audience! There is already the momentum for us to step in there and start getting some leads straight away.

Don’t Get Left Behind

I think too many businesses and marketers are reluctantly using social media marketing because they aren’t seeing the results they need to justify their efforts. They want to stop but keep being told they need to continue. A very average attempt continues, as does poor results.

Most of the time, through no fault of their own, they simply don’t have the time, inspiration, knowledge or understanding to break the negative cycle.
If this is you, don’t get left behind your competitors.

Contact us now and let’s find the missing link that’s currently holding you back from leading your market on social media.