Recently, our Creative and Marketing Manager, Beau, and I, visited The Grounds of Alexandria. Apparently, it’s one of the top 10 most Instagrammable places in Sydney.

While we were there, it got us thinking about how we have been creating video content and the environment we’ve been filming in.

For those who have seen my YouTube channel’s earlier videos when I started filming, it

was very much on the fly… On my smartphone, selfie style, taking the dog for a walk etc. and I was getting a decent engagement rate when promoting it.

Then, my videos started getting too content heavy and for convenience, my videos started being filmed in the office. We noticed that we started having to pay Facebook more to reach people through our ads and we weren’t getting the same kind of results in terms of engagement.

So, we thought we’d mix it up. We created our next video on the way to grab Friday beers. The results of this video ended up being five times better than the previous video in the office!

It really reinforced the importance of finding fresh environments for filming content.

If you’re not creating video content, I hope this video inspires you to start!

For more ideas on where to get started, reach out through our Contact page.