A recent meeting with a local retail beverage company got me thinking about the role content plays Facebook advertising.

One should never underestimate how important it is to have engaging content in your ad. You can’t just rely on the offer itself, or how well you can optimise the various campaign parameters.

Facebook wants users to have a great experience on the platform, so if your ad is not engaging, it will charge you more to reach people. Your ad’s click-through rate and relevance score are two key metrics you can use to gauge how engaging your ad is.

Wanting to practice what I preach, I, myself, am now producing videos that take you out of the office and into more engaging environments to see how it will affect campaign performance. Stay tuned as I test this and report back to you on performance as I promote them.

If you’re reading this thinking that your business has some great content to share, or you need great content to share, comment in the section below or get in touch here

Cheers, Perry.