Have you ever wondered why your Facebook ads aren’t getting the results you want? Do you ever feel frustrated that the results you’re getting are causing your business to flatline rather than scale and grow?

Recently we worked with a client who was feeling exactly like this. They reached out to us and claimed a free audit as they had a gut feeling the results of their Facebook campaigns were inaccurate. They kept asking, “Why aren’t we spending more money? Why aren’t we scaling out or expanding these campaigns?”

When we took a closer look at their ad account we were able to discover that it came down to two core problems that were preventing their Facebook ads from being effective.

No Winning Cold Audience

The first major problem with the campaign was that there didn’t seem to be a winning cold audience. I talk more about cold, warm and hot audiences here.

When we looked at the previous supplier’s audiences, there was 40 of them! This suggested the campaigns were not being optimised correctly because there was no clear strategy; instead of optimising campaigns, new ones were being created again, and again.

If you’re in this position too, I recommended picking two or three different cold audiences. Observe which one is working best and settle on your top performing audience to then keep optimising it.

Consider different bidding strategies, such as cost per click, cost per thousand impressions and cost per result. Create different ads within those audiences to try to get yourself a better result too.

It’s important to get this process right. If no one knows which audience is performing best, your campaign cannot be optimised correctly. There will always be a bit of a glass ceiling there and you’re not going to be able to break through it.

How Success is being Measured

The second problem was how success was being measured and how our client’s campaign was being tracked. When you’re setting up a Facebook ad campaign, it’s important to thoroughly follow the customer journey all the way through to the final buying stage. There are several ways that you can track where people are falling off in the journey.

When we tracked our client’s campaign closely we discovered that when someone signed up for free, the Complete Registration event was firing. This indicated that the transaction was complete. Then when the customer actually paid, the Complete Registration event was firing again. This meant results appeared to be double what they should have been. That is why our client’s gut feeling was there. The results were being overrepresented and were therefore inaccurate

Since learning this information, we have continued working closely with this client and we’re starting to see some great results.

If you’re tired of not seeing the results that you want with your Facebook ads; ask yourself what’s our top performing audience, and how are we measuring the success, right down to how many sales are we getting?

If you need a hand, we have our free ad account audit available now. Don’t hesitate to reach out, I’d love to hear from you. Send me a private message, or comment in the comments section below. 

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