Now that you’ve mastered the Cold Audience and Warm Audience, it’s time to really turn up the heat and create your Hot Audience. This is the last audience segment in the three audience funnel strategy, and the last step to honing in on your prospects.

I define Hot Audiences as users who are close to making a sales decision because they’ve visited your website or provided their contact details. Hot Audiences are the most profitable audience to target in your advertising, so learning how to create this segment is well worth your time.

How to create a Hot Audience

Ready to seal the deal? Here’s how. As usual, start by selecting the Audience Tools in your Ads Manager, followed by Custom Audiences.

You can create two types of Custom Audiences when creating your Hot Audience: by uploading a customer file (.csv file) to create a Database Custom Audience, or using web traffic that has been collected by a Facebook Pixel (Website Custom Audience).

Database Custom Audience

In this example, I’ll start with the Database Custom Audience. If you have a MailChimp account, login and select your List. Facebook will then match your MailChimp subscribers to the Facebook users that it can find. Alternatively, upload a database file which can be formatted in a CSV, text file, or you can copy and paste.

You might like to create Database Custom Audiences from subscribers, leads, or customer data to promote posts to them, create Page Likes ads to increase your community size, or create campaigns to drive repeat purchases.

Facebook will generally match roughly 70% to 80% of your database. So, if you upload 1000 leads, you might end up with an audience of about 700 people to target with your ads.
You may also consider exporting your LinkedIn contacts’ details and uploading them into your Facebook Ads Manager to create a Custom Audience. However, you must be careful with this one.

Ideally, you want consent from your contacts before importing their details into a list. Do your own due diligence on the rules and regulations for creating any of these Database Custom Audiences.

Website custom audience

The second component of creating an effective Hot Audience is building your Website Custom Audience. For this, you need a pre-populated Facebook Pixel audience. I’ll talk about Facebook Pixels in a later video.

A Website Custom Audience allows you to retarget users that have visited your website from up to the last 180 days. Users who have visited your website have shown a sure interest in what you have to offer, so it’s incredibly useful to reach out to these users to persuade them to continue.

These website visitors may be users from across all of your pages, or you can create a Website Custom Audience of people who have visited a particular page of your website. For example, it makes sense to retarget users who have visited a specific product or service with more information about that same product or service.

Once you’ve created your Database and Website Custom Audiences, make your way back to Saved Audiences and create an audience that combines them together.

 It’s getting hot in here!

By now, you should be one step closer to targeting your hot leads and sealing the deal to grow your business.
Do you have any questions about Hot Audiences or the Three Audience Funnel? Or maybe you have a great advertising success story to share? Let me know below, or send us a message on Facebook. See you in the next video.