Have you ever experienced the frustration of duplicating an ad that’s garnered positive feedback and return on investment, only to find you’ve lost likes and comments from the original ad in the process? Duplicating ads can often dilute the positive engagement between multiple ads. But, it doesn’t have to be that way for many of Facebook’s campaign types.

Today, I’m sharing a little ad hack to keep all the best bits in the one place.

Keeping the party together

If you’ve been experimenting with Facebook ads for a little while now, you may recognise the frustration I’m talking about: You create an ad, duplicate it amongst multiple ad sets, only to then discover that the great comments and engagement has been spread amongst multiple ads. It’s annoying as… heck.

If you’ve had positive feedback from customers that rave about your product or service on the one ad, ideally you want to keep those comments visible to entice users who may not yet be convinced.

How to maintain engagement across multiple ad sets

To combat this, I’ve discovered a hack that you can do in two simple steps. (You can thank me later!)

  1. Within the original ad, you have the option to preview on the desktop. Upon doing this, copy the post ID number from the preview URL.
  2. Paste the post ID number into the duplicate ads you’ve created. In doing this, you use the first ad in multiple ad sets, which ultimately keeps the content the same, engagement included.

That’s it! Easy, right?

Still unsure?

If you need some more guidance on how to achieve this, (or someone to vent to about this problem!) please reach out to me. I’m always happy to help.