Because we’re bombarded with marketing messages just about everywhere we look, many of us need a little coaxing before making a purchasing decision. In other words, we want to be wined and dined a few times before a proposal. In sales, we classify these types of audiences as Warm Audiences – AKA users who are engaged with your content, but haven’t yet taken the next step to visit your website or share their details. These Warm audiences need help to recognise your brand as a reliable source for products and services before taking action.

In this article, I’m going to focus on the various options for creating Warm audiences, and why they are so important in your lead generation process.

How to create a Warm Audience

Let’s dive in. When creating Warm audiences, start by going into your Ads Manager settings, and heading to “Audiences” and opening “Custom Audience and Engagement.”
As mentioned in my previous blogs, you may want to create a Saved Audience of all Warm Custom Audiences you’re about to create. The primary Custom Audiences we create to complete our saved Warm Audience are Video Views, Lead Form Engagement, Facebook Page and Ad Engagement, Instagram Engagement, and Event Engagement.

Video Views

Though the Video Views Custom Audience, you can create an audience that’s based on how long someone has watched your video. You may select users who have watched your video for 3, 10 or 20 seconds, and so on, within on the last 365 days.

This is an important audience to nurture because you have proof that they’ve engaged with your content in some way, and know a bit about your business. Remember that the more top of mind you are, the more opportunity you have to build trust with your audience and guide them further through the customer journey.

This process also helps you to understand your audience behaviors, so continue to update this audience with more videos as you create them, and watch their behaviour based on specific types of material you create.

Lead form

Lead Form Engagement is a great Custom Audience to consider when creating your Warm Audience. Lead Form Engagement comes from users opening or submitting their contact details via the Facebook Lead Gen campaign objective.

Learn more about Lead Gen Forms and the automation process by following this link.

Facebook Page & Ad Engagement

Your next option is to create a Facebook Page Custom Audience. This is an engagement-based audience of people who have shown an interest in your content by visiting your page, engaging with a post, or ad. You can target people who have engaged for up to 365 days, so use this to extend your reach and remind prospects about your brand.

A note on Instagram: This audience isn’t just for Facebook, you can also create a Custom Audience on Instagram based on engagement. We recently helped a client to create a Warm audience of 11,000 users who had engaged with their Instagram page over the last 365 days, and the results improved dramatically.

Event engagement

Lastly, you can create a Warm Audience segment from the Events option. This audience is made up from users who have marked themselves as “interested” or “attending” on an event you’re an Admin of.

Feeling inspired?

Now that you know how to define and create a Warm Audience, I suggest creating as many of these Custom Audience segments as you can. And, always make sure you exclude your Cold Audience form this Saved Audience.

Want to know more about your Hot Audience segment? Then tune in to my next video. This one’s exciting, as it’s the closest you can get to converting your customer.
As always, if you have any questions, drop them below and I may answer them in my next video.