Why sharing knowledge benefits your business

In a market buzzing with new businesses and ideas, it may be tempting to keep your intellectual property (IP) to yourself. If you work a nine to five job where you’re constantly creating, it allows you to constantly evolve your IP. Keeping ideas to yourself may sound like the right thing to do, however, there is so much benefit in sharing your intellectual property with others. In doing this, you can help them learn, whilst letting them find out more about you as a business. You can also position yourself as an industry thought leader and a valuable source of information for those who are engaging in the field.

We spoke with Jason Van Genderen from Treehouse Creative about the importance of having a shift in mindset when it comes to sharing knowledge.

How you can boost your brand

Content marketing is becoming increasingly important to cut through the noise. To be competitive these days, you need to be generous with your knowledge.

As Jason puts it, “Elon Musk is a great example of someone who’s very generous with his IP. Nobody has ever made a killer business by being the world’s greatest secret. You might think you’re doing the right thing, but unless you open your concept and your thinking up to the world, you’re never going to grow yourself and no one’s ever going to see the value that you can bring to what they do.”

By sharing your knowledge, you create a conversation that gets the ball rolling for bigger and better things; you grow yourself in business, and allow others to see the value in what you do.

How to be generous with your wisdom

It’s easy for businesses to create relevant, interesting and informed content. Jason recommends developing videos that allow you to share your industry expertise. All that’s required is to think about four or five relevant points, jump in front of the camera and just share these pieces of information.

However, transparency and authenticity are key. As Jason says, “You don’t have to write a script for it, it’s a thing that’s already part of what your process and that you’re most passionate about. So, it’s the stuff that rolls off the tongue the easiest. And that’s the stuff that people are going to take away and believe.”

If you have any questions about content creation or sharing IP and knowledge, reach out to me below.