When a brand positions itself as a credible source within its target audience, it’s a great asset. Because, when customers trust you, they perceive your product or service as valuable and are more likely to buy from you or engage with you.

In our three-part series on video production and storytelling, I focus on how you can use storytelling to enhance your brand reputation and leave a lasting impression.

Jason van Genderen is the Chief Storyteller and Founder of Treehouse Creative a video production house working predominantly with smartphones. Jason says that to create an authentic relationship with your audience, you must establish commonality and trust. Once that’s achieved, then your audience is more likely to desire the introduction of your product or service.

For example, as Jason explains, there’s a lot of food brands that do this very well on television, where to sell the food product, they anchor their conversation in the comfort of the past.

So, they talk about “remember when as a family you’d get together and have this as a Sunday meal,” or “remember when you used to eat this, or you loved these flavours and you did this.” Brands use nostalgia to tap into the past relationship of trust with the consumer, to say, “we’ve got something in common. We both remember that moment and that time, and we both have something to anchor our position of trust in.”

Do you trust me?

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