If you’re trying to collect customer data, an offer can encourage potential clients to pick up the phone, send an email or fill out an online enquiry form. Developing attractive offers to prospective customers is key when it comes to building your business and are an integral part of any marketing campaign. Additionally, an enticing offer can also mitigate risk and lower buyer resistance.

What kind of offers should I be using?

Get creative when developing your offer – think about your business and what your services are. For example, if you’re a retailer, consider a 2-for-1 offer. If you’re in the service sector, it might be a complimentary discussion.

What are the key components of a great offer?

  1. Urgency. You want to create a sense of necessity amongst your prospective customers, so consider putting a time limit on the offer. For example, have it run for only two weeks.
  2. Scarcity. Build the feeling of exclusivity, providing the offer to only a limited number of people.
  3. Compelling. You want prospective customers to actually use the offer, so you need to make it stand out. A good way of doing this is to stack the offer. For example, have an offer within the offer.

Think about your customers

When developing your offer, consider common objections and/or challenges that people might have when it comes to engaging your business or services. Perhaps your offer can overcome these objections. For example, a dentist in Newcastle has started offering complimentary Uber rides to and from his practice for any customers having surgery. This is not only creative but actually provides a solution to a problem that many people face when having dental surgery.

Offers should be value adders

When putting your offer together, keep in mind that it’s not devaluing your product or service. For example, while discounts can be beneficial in some circumstances, it’s something that you should steer away from. You want your offer to be memorable, usable and of interest to your prospective customer.

If you have any questions about developing offers or require some assistance workshopping an offer idea, just comment below and I’ll be in touch.