Offline events. If you haven’t heard of them, read on because my it’s going to help you better your attribution and optimise your campaigns with more detailed tracking.

What is an offline event?

In Facebook advertising, an offline event is a conversion that happens as a result of seeing your ad, but can’t be tracked via the Facebook Pixel. For example, you might have a prospect who clicks on your advertisement from their mobile phone on the go, but then uses their desktop computer at home to complete the sale, or calls through to your sales department to order over the phone or visits your brick and mortar location.

Normally, the problem here is that you can’t easily identify and track the full success of a particular campaign, ad set, or ad.

How can I track attribution more accurately?

I recommend creating an event set on Facebook by exporting all of your customer data (including data from your website, point of sale or other) into a CSV file. Then, upload it to Facebook to quickly attribute people to sales that your Facebook pixel has missed.
I can’t stress how important this is. Having in-depth conversion data for your campaigns, your audiences, and your ads mean more data to figure out what’s delivering the best return on your investment.

Want to improve your offline events reporting?

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