Interview with Nick Bowditch, Business Coach, and Mentor

Creating valuable, personable content for your target audience is an inbound marketing strategy; it’s all about crafting experiences that have a positive impact on people and your business.
And the best way to do that? You give away your best intellectual property without asking anything of your prospect. For example, you could give away tips, insights, or your background story to help people who may not have ever interacted with your brand before. When executed well, it leaves a good first impression and makes your brand memorable.

You might be thinking, ‘I don’t want to give away all my best knowledge to strangers on the internet.’ However, consider that what you’re really doing is showcasing your authority in your industry, owning the conversation, and helping your prospect to be more engaged in the subject matter. Because, as we know, the more engaged your prospect is, the more likely they will care and invest in what you’re selling.

However, you don’t have to be a natural salesman to add value to prospects and get them talking about your product or service. As Nick explains in our interview, you can use your website or marketing collateral to do all the selling for you — especially in the first stages of the buyer journey where you are appealing to a cold audience.

“I want them [prospects] to come right through [to the contact form] without having ever actually speaking to me,” says Nick. “But if I’m a sales guy, which I’m not, I’d still give away all my good stuff, but I’d get them into a [sales] funnel to nurture them through from cold to a hot audience until they are talking to me or I’m speaking to them face to face.”
By working within an inbound marketing approach, you’re creating leads that want to work with you, thereby shortening the sales process.

To learn more about inbound marketing, or to ask Nick or me a question about what content you should be producing for your sales funnels, please drop me a message below.