As we all know, marketing is continually changing and evolving. Audiences are highly digital, and live on a number of platforms. To engage with customers in their time, you must meet them at the various stages of their buyer journey. Marketing automation is the tool in which software platforms and technologies may effectively use these multiple channels to talk to customers, and send out automated responses to meet them exactly where they may be.

I speak to Jorge Casca from Three Steps Business about the six different outcomes that can be achieved when successful automation is in place.

Automate your marketing

Jorge Casca is an Automation Expert and Founder of Three Steps Business, an operational efficiency driven business enabling companies to exceed in the digital space. Coming from a background of industrial engineering, Jorge is incredibly process driven, and says that creating systems is second nature to him.

Automation systems allow business owners to gain back time they would spend in responses, emails and other enquiries. All of these are very important aspects to running a successful business, however, business owners are often faced with repetitive questions that can be answered in automation.

Using automation for businesses offers clarity that the process is there, and peace of mind knowing customers are being served in a timely manner. Jorge runs a specialised agency on active campaigns and marketing automation, and says his programs take people from zero automation to full automation.

The six outcomes to automation success

Outcome One: An Attraction System

The first outcome to a successful automation process is an attraction system. Audiences need to be enticed into giving up their details or opting into a process. Having an attraction system in place means audiences know exactly what are they going to get out of it. The first process is running ads to drive the leads into databases, and automation takes control from there.

Getting leads in means connecting leads from multiple platforms, and then drawing them into a centralised place that automation rules.

Outcome Two: A Nurture System

The second outcome, after having this centralised place of information, is that these people feel nurtured and cared about. Be consistent with your message, but consider how audiences may take constant reminders and emails –– they don’t want to feel spammed and harassed. So, be careful with the number of messages you send and keep your audience in mind.

Outcome Three: A Sales System

The third outcome is to look into the sales process by delegating it accordingly. Most small businesses do all the work themselves in the operations side of things, such as marketing, sales, numbers etc. Delegating the sales process allows you to put a system in place that will increase your productivity and time management.

Outcome Four: A Retention System

The fourth outcome is the development of a retention system. Have you considered what may encourage your audience to come back? Developing a retention system allows you to get audiences to come back time and time again to increase brand engagement.

Outcome Five: A Referral System

The fifth outcome is to ask your audience to refer you to others. As the saying goes, there’s nothing like the power of referral. So, setting up an automated referral system can be massively beneficial for your brand.

Outcome Six: A Feedback System

The sixth outcome, and the most important, is a feedback system. Developing feedback systems with people will have positive effects on your management.

As the system is so new age, it can be difficult to understand. Proper training and implementation is necessary when organising a system so large, so keep this in mind when you work with automation, and consider feedback of those using and managing it.

Automation is the future of marketing

Setting up and mapping out an automation system can be time consuming, but it’s well worth it.  Jorge says that once it’s in place, your business can start to feel the benefits.

Want to discuss automation in your business? As always, drop me a line or leave a comment.