It’s one thing to create content for content sake, but to really make it speak to your brand and style, you need to create authentic content. If your content is relatable and honest, it will draw your audience in.

These days, video content is favourable over copy or imagery alone. Google loves video. So much so that a website with video content embedded is 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google than a traditional web page.

The same concept applies on social media. Video is a proven way to grab the attention of your audience. However, customers are smarter than you think and can pick out phony content when they see it.

Cutting through the noise

So how do you stay authentic when making video content? Let’s take Nick for example. Nick works as a coach and mentor for business go-getters, and understands the importance of the art of authentic marketing. Having worked both locally and globally, Nick has experience in marketing for startups and has worked with social media powerhouses like Facebook and Twitter.

So what’s Nick’s advice?

Create authentic video content

1. Do not worry about fancy equipment

Many video creators believe they need a great lighting set up, or the best camera in the business to create quality video content. Trust us, you don’t need this level of equipment when you start. In fact, filming on your own mobile is one of the most relatable and authentic ways to communicate with your audience. Everyone has one, and everyone relates to them, so you’re bound to create a connection just by this alone.

In my conversation with Jason van Genderen from Treehouse Creative, he revealed the art of smartphone filming. Treehouse Creative is a video production agency, and Jason and his team are well on the way to making the move from large and bulky cameras to just their smartphones to film massive projects. Your smartphone is all the high definition you need to begin.

2. Put a face behind your brand

When you outsource your video work to another company, you can lose some of that authenticity. It can come as a shock for your customers if the face they see in the video is not one they recognise. It’s best to be the first line of contact for your audience. Creating video content where you are the star means audiences are familiar with your face, name and message.

3. Just start

It’s a common occurrence for small businesses and startups to experience “imposter syndrome” when starting a business. Thoughts of not being successful or smart enough can creep in and hinder an opportunity that a business owner may have to build an audience. This is something that all owners face, and it needs to be changed! Your customers want to see what you have to offer, face and all.

Are you ready for your close up?

Video content can be a powerful way to bring in business and stay in touch with the followers you already have. What will you create today?

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