Do you consider yourself a Facebook campaign champion? You might know your way around the Ads Manager tool, but you could be missing one hidden truth that can impact conversions.

It’s all in the ad set

Often, Facebook managers make the mistake of setting up a Facebook Conversions campaign without generating enough conversions for Facebook’s ad algorithm to optimise effectively.

For example, you might be running a remarketing campaign set up to retarget people who have visited your website, trying to send them back to the website so they enquire..

You’re tracking contact form submissions, so you set this as the conversion event.

For this campaign to work to its potential, your ad set needs to be generating 15 to 25 conversions each per so Facebook can optimise effectively.

But, what if I’m not getting enough leads?

If you’re not getting enough conversions to reach the 15 to 25 per week goal, (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), then the solution is a tweak to the conversion event. This means you change the details of the campaign goal. For example, as opposed to gathering enquiry forms, you may opt to change the conversion to page visits of the ‘Contact Us’ page, as this number will be higher.

In doing this, Facebook recognises more conversion events taking place, so therefore builds up a higher number for the algorithm to work with and optimise. In simpler terms, you might think of it like a shopper adding all the items they want to their cart, before freaking out and abandoning the sale. If the conversion tracking is set to a complete purchase, you’re less likely to gather information, as it’s more likely for users to abandon their carts. However, if you set the event solely to an “add to cart” event, then you’re more likely to gather that minimum 15 to 25 conversion number for Facebook to optimise – meaning an easier way to gather data to continually optimise towards a campaign objective.

Are you ready to get converting?

If you’re still unsure, or you’re interested in maximising your conversions, please leave your comments in the box below. Otherwise, get in touch now.