Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy to set you up for success?


Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy to set you up for success?

Social Media Marketing is unlike any other.

There are many digital marketing agencies out there offering a broad range of services including Social Media Marketing, Paid Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Website Design and Email Marketing. 

Although social media needs to be aligned with your brand across all of these other channels, you need a dedicated social media strategy from a company with specialist knowledge to assure you’re maximising your time and budget.

After 7 years of specialising in social media marketing, we’ve developed a strategic approach that enables brands to achieve an exponential increase in brand awareness while increasing new customers at the same time.


So what’s included in the strategy?


Well, it depends… and it’s actually not just a strategy.

First, you’ll receive a call with our Head of Strategy, so we can establish what existing marketing strategies and assets are in place and where the gaps are.

Following this, you and/or your team will dive into a 2-3 hour Social Media Strategy Workshop to uncover and develop the areas that need it most.

You’ll end up with a comprehensive online Social Media Marketing Strategy document to guide your social media success, covering topics such as: 

Marketing and Sales Objectives


Customer Journey

Key Marketing Messages

Ideal Customer Personas

Social Media Target Audience Segments

Competitor Analysis

Content Strategy

Promotions / Offers

Campaign Structure

Unique Selling Points

Tone and Mandatories

Learn how we can develop your Social Media Marketing Strategy to achieve your sales and marketing objectives.

Meet your new team

Social Media Profit Strategist

Paid Advertising Specialist

Digital Strategist & Account Manager


Graphic Design & Video Production

Clients include

Clients include

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